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Financial Information

BTPD 2018-04-30 Interim Financials

BTPD InvoiceRegister 2016-07-01 thru 2016-09-30
BTPD InvoiceRegister 2016-10-01 thru 2016-12-31
BTPD InvoiceRegister 2017-01-01 thru 2017-03-31
BTPD InvoiceRegister 2017-04-01 thru 2017-06-30
BTPD InvoiceRegister 2017-07-01 thru 2017-09-30
BTPD InvoiceRegister 2017-10-01 thru 2017-12-31
BTPD InvoiceRegister 2018-01-01 thru 2018-03-31

2019-03 Proposed Budget Ordinance & Report
2017-07 Budget Ordinance & Report
2016-02A Amended Budget Ordinance

FY 2017 Total Compensation > $75,000

2017-06 Prevailing Wage Ordinance

2017-10 Tax Levy Ordinance
2016-09 Tax Levy Ordinance

FY 2017 Full Audit Report
FY 2016 Full Audit Report 
FY 2015 Full Audit Report
FY 2014 Full Audit Report
FY 2013 Full Audit Report
FY 2012 Full Audit Report

Activities Guide

May - August 2018

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Looking for a place to host a family picnic? Check out the brand new Willowhaven picnic pavilion! It can seat up to 120 people and has concrete bags game right next to the shelter! Contact the Willowhaven nature center or click here for more details!

Willowhaven Dog Park now has water stations available!

The Family Campout event is re-scheduled to Saturday, July 28 begining at 3pm at the Willowhaven Park.