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Exploration Station

Exploration Station...a children's museum is proud to announce our new exhibit Up Up and Away that was installed September 2014.

-A-Mazing Airways is a clear, pneumatic tube system that has diverter boxes that children can open and close. They do this to change the pathway of the balls, scarves and other objects that move through the tubes using the power of air. Visitors that play with A-Mazing Airways will be able to feel the air, experiment with air, and try new things with air as the air moves different objects through the tubes.

-Air Fountain table consists a powerful blower, resting in a plenum, with a strong column of air blowing up in each of the three air "ports". There is also an assortment of PVC pipes and connectors that can be built on top of each air port. There are ball pit balls, uncoated foam balls, small beach balls, and scarves that kids will be able to experiment with.

-Take Flight is our 3D Simulator that consists a screen, toggle, throttle, and miscellaneuos operative buttons and switches for children to "simulate" an experience in a plane or helicopter. Children will have options to take off from different locations and change the views of their scenery as they fly. 

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