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Financial Information

Prevailing Wage Ordinance 2016-05

2017 BTPD W-9

2016-02A Amended Budget Ordinance
2016 Amended Budget Report

FY 2017 Total Compensation > $75,000

2016 Tax Levy Calculations
2016 Tax Levy Ordinance

FY 2016 Full Audit Report
FY 2015 Full Audit Report

FY 2016 Annual Financial Report
FY 2015 Annual Financial Report

BTPD InvoiceRegister 2016-07-01 thru 2016-09-30
BTPD InvoiceRegister 2016-10-01 thru 2016-12-31

Current Financials as of 01/31/2017:
2017-01 Balance Sheet CY vs PY
2017-01 Income Stmt CYTD vs BGT vs PYTD


Activities Guide

January - April 2017

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Drop your plastic bottle caps at the Recreation station to help with the KCC Cavalier Cap Challenge, a project where students work toward creating a bench from recycled caps!

Here is the Herald news article about our OSLAD grant for Willowhaven Park and Nature Center.